Some of our Summer interns with Chairman Shaun Golden and Executive Director Theresa Velardi.

LEARN HOW TO CONDUCT AND WIN POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS! – Interning with the Monmouth County Republican Party in 2018 will provide interns with a unique opportunity to gain experience working on Federal, Statewide, Countywide, and local campaigns, something not widely found or offered in New Jersey politics. Interns will learn and assist in a number of capacities, including public relations (how to craft and convey a campaign message), polling, voter contact, social media, web design, voter targeting, and more! Interns will have a unique opportunity to meet and network with elected officials and their respective staffs. Past interns have gone on to work for members of Congress, the Governor’s office, Presidential Campaigns, and many have gone on to prestigious law schools or landed lucrative private sector jobs. Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you!

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